Morning Rituals

As I sit here writing, the chill of the fall air has officially found my insides.  Beyond chilly, but not quite cold.  This seems to have a surprising benefit on the taste of my coffee.  With the espresso machine being broken, my triple shot will have to wait.  As I let the dog out this morning and the chill set in deep inside, I knew I couldn't forgo my morning routine.  I need coffee.  

As I broke out the french press to make a cup of joe for my wife and myself, I was hit with memories of salmon camp.  Waking up just before the sun, grabbing the JetBoil and firing up some water, grabbing our gear and hitting the water.  All that's missing is the dew on my socks and camp fire smell on our clothes.  

From what I've been reading, the salmon are on the move and filling up the local tribs.  Whether it's Michigan or Wisconsin, get out, wet a line and go get yourself some.  There's only a few more weekends of good weather.  Be sure to get out while you still can!  Looking for a report?  Give Jeff Hubbard over at Outfitters North a quick look, or give the boys over at Indigo Guide Service and Third Coast Fly - Steve, Kevin or Austin a call and book a day on the water.