Tech Toys

It seems there's a new tech company every month or so making a "huge" announcement of a new product, or a new release of a current product.  With new technology continuously evolving at a frantic pace, it's hard to stay on top of everything that's out there.  From 4K video to phones that shoot DSLR quality photos to cameras that can capture great images with almost no light, camera gear and the photo and video industries as a whole are evolving faster than most can financially keep up.

With the launch of the new GoPro 4, the adventure camera industry has officially hit 4K video capabilities.  The GoPro is helping bring quality film making capabilities to the masses.  One of the ways people are harnessing the power and size of the GoPro is with quadcopters, or "drones".  

The different perspective aerial video and photography bring are awe inspiring.  Being able to see amazing landscapes from vantage points rarely, if ever, seen by us normal folk, takes the viewer on visual adventures not possible five years ago.  

Working in a place like Norway is definitely a great canvas on which to create your masterpiece, and this video short doesn't disappoint.