At the roots, we have something in common.  We're both there to fish.  We've got fish on the brain and are there for the same reason.  

My wife thinks I'm crazy, but I figure at the worst case scenario, I have a beer or two, and then head to bed.  I don't have a problem camping and fishing by myself - because normally I need a break from society and want to punch out for the weekend, reconnect with nature and recharge my batteries.  But this past summer it seemed that no matter where I went, I was running in to other fly fisherman.  On the streams or at camp, it seemed I couldn't find much space to myself.  

At camp that's a good thing.  It always fun to meet new people, enjoy a cold beer and talk fishing.  Discuss spots, talk shop and share some knowledge.  Sometimes they introduce themselves and ask to borrow the charcoal starter, other times it's a pot of coffee that brings them over.  I'm more than happy to share, help or point you in the right direction.  And what's nice is, I find that most of us are similar.  No one expects you to share your secret spots, but sharing stories, talking fly patterns and expectations for tomorrow is always a good time.  It's fly shop talk around the camp fire.  

I bring this up because I've met some really great people streamside as well as at camp.  I don't find it weird to approach a random person and engage them.  Maybe that's the sales guy in me. Most guys are willing to share their campfire, or come over and hang out.  These days it seems you see more and more people with their noses buried in their phones, checking statuses, looking at photos on Instagram and generally ignoring those around them.  Spending the weekend on the water is always great, but getting to meet a few new people along the way is all the better.