Fly Films and Story Telling

Entertainment, humor, learning and education, or just straight up action - fly fishing films can provide a lot of different things, and just like your standard movie fair, there are good examples and bad examples.  

I own enough "fish porn" to host a small, weekend long, film festival.  I own anything from the Trout Bum series to a couple of seasons of "Seasons on the Fly".  Though they all feature fishing, some actually have a story to tell and they do it well.  Others really are just a mish mash of fish porn, foul mouthed antics and confusing plot lines.  

Stuart and I have had long talks about how to tell a good story and what's required.  It's been a fun recurring topic over beers, as we share different short videos and discuss what we like about each.  Stuart's background and day job are in film and photography, so he's got the talent and knowledge, and I enjoy listening to all the things he's learned in his years on the job.  Over a recent round an article came up that recently ran in Angling Trade.  

When I think of great stories a couple of videos come to mind.  Stuart and I both agree that one of the best is "Once in a Blue Moon", the story of a mouse year in New Zealand, or "A Backyard in Nowhere", a self proclaimed, fly fishing western, chasing massive northern pike.  These have a plot line, heroes, action, adversity, and still managed to get some epic fish shots.  Robert Thompson, RA Beattie, Austin Trayser, Todd Moen - these are some of the guys bringing up the next evolution of fishing videos.  More stories are being told and people are realizing it's not just about fish, fish and more fish.  You need the fish, but without the rest of the story, it really is just porn.  

A cult classic - Once in a Blue Moon, The Fly Fishing Adventure of a lifetime

 "A Backyard in Nowhere" is now available through our website and retailers across the world.  Go to for more info