Trout Underground

As I've said before, I'm a guy who spends a lot of time seeking out information on things I like. Whether it be a hobby, a new found passion, or just trying to find a good deal on some camera gear - I like looking for things and gobbling up all the information I can about it. When I set out to learn how to fly fish and learn as much as I can about the sport - history, fly patterns, gear and gadgets, destinations and plenty of video action.  Viewed as an free education and a way to make sure the time I had to spend on the water, was done so trying to apply what I learned, as opposed to finding out what I didn't know and needed discover.  

One of the places that I found early was The Trout Underground and the musings of Tom Chandler.  As we're in our infancy, Tom's been at this game for about ten years.  His writing is outstanding and I've enjoyed the chance to follow along.  Best of luck to Tom on his next journey and his other blog; WriterUnderground.  It's been a pleasure following you.