The DRiFT/ISA Early Show, Take Two

A visit with Brightwater at the Early Show

First off, I'm a fan of Brightwater products; if you're a fly tier you know what a pain it is to have loose hanks of flash or synthetic materials rolling around in your case or on your desk. If you travel or teach, you'll discover that organizing you gear makes setup and pack up easier and that keeping flash in tubes keeps your desk somewhat free of clutter.

So from rolling and non-rolling tubes for flash, threads, and a nifty tube with tubes for hooks, to LED lights for your cap when your fishing in the dark, Brightwater Fly Angler looks for products that solve fly tying or fishing problems. They also have a very nice line of license plate holders to replace those ugly ones that the dealerships put on your car.

I talked with Mark about his products and purchased a new hat to replace the one that took a flying leap into a lake at fifty five mph.

To quote Mark, "I tie and fish, so I'm always looking for a product or an item that I think fly fishers would appreciate."

I appreciate his no roll caps on tubes and the Fidel hat.

You can buy Brightwater products on line at:

Your spouse, who wonders where that shiny stuff comes from, will appreciate it. 


Stuart Van Dorn

Photos by Brad Eaton