I may not be a snowboarder, but I know what it's like to take a "buddy trip".  Gathering up the guys, piling in a couple of vehicles, and going out and getting it done.  I have a couple of buddies who go on annual trips out West to chase the powder and I've always wanted to go.  I always picture something similar to our fishing trips, but heading downhill instead of fishing downstream.

When this movie popped up on my FB feed, I had to give it a watch.  Everyone has a reason they chase their passions.  These guys just decided to make a movie to tell us why they do what they do, and why they go to the lengths they do to get it done.  

Pathology: A Movie About Snowboarding and Humans. Bryan Fox and Austin Smith partnered with storyteller Liam Gallagher to document a season of their experiences and showcase their slice of snowboarding. Collaborating with fellow boarders Tim Eddy, Curtis Ciszek, Shaun McKay, Alex Yoder, Rube Goldberg, Rip Zinger and more. These intrepid friends created a movie that provides apt examples of why collectively, we will all do whatever it takes to be able to strap in at the top of a line and make rolling arcs downhill. From powder turns, to steep backcountry lines, to a whole segment filled just with half-buried snowmobiles, every shot in Pathology is a blatant reminder of why we snowboard.