Reading Material

As the ability to create new forms of media increasingly becomes easier, there's more and more people getting in the game.  That's both good and bad.  It's good in that it brings some amazingly talented people the forums with which to display their works for the masses, and continue to push the boundaries of the sport.  But with that you also find lots of works that lack story lines, plots and characters, the epitome of "fish porn" - gratuitous shots of fish, out of focus and lacking anything tangible.  

It seems like every month there's a new e-zine out there for something, be it fishing, fly fishing, photography, snow boarding or bike riding, plenty of my hobbies are covered and I've literally got plenty to read.  

Where there are the good and the bad, a few of the good ones will give you plenty to look at and some great content to read.  This Is Fly is one of the originals and has been kicking out some of the industry's best.  What these guys are doing is paving the way for other magazines and showing them how it's done.  

Give the most recent edition a read, you won't be disappointed.