Fly Tying - Chasing Silver Fly Fishing Magazine

I don't know about you, but I hold salmon flies in a whole other category when it comes to tying flies.  My flies definitely aren't the best, but they're definitely not terrible.  I'm comfortable tying most types of flies and don't really get too intimidated by any specific patterns.  But when discussion turns to tying salmon flies and all that goes in to them, that's normally my cue to stop talking and start listening.  

I recently stumbled on upon "Chasing Silver" the fly fishing magazine.  Timo Kontio features a step by step of the Traherne, and has some outstanding photos to go with each step.  He documents it beautifully and it's easy to follow along.  

If you've ever wanted to get in to tying salmon flies, this is a great starting point and place to learn some of the basics.