Gearing Up Right

At first it started small, just a little at a time, nothing I thought I needed to worry about.  Then I noticed it a little bit more and then before you know it, my pants end up just a little bit wet.  Next thing I know my long johns are soaked and undies are wet.  I'm sure you all know the feeling - leaky waders.  

I've spent the last year and a half with wet socks and I'm happy to say, it's finally over.  From the Driftless, to the Au Sable, Northern Wisconsin, or the Pere Marquette - I've drained some of the best river water, from the best rivers in the Midwest from my waders.  

With my recent addition of a pair of Simms G3's, I looked back over the number of days I was able to get out of my Willy J's before they went south.  I understand pin hole leaks but I will say the material layers pulling away from each other go a bit beyond normal wear and tear.  I can honestly say this is the first piece of fly fishing gear I've been disappointed with.  But lessons learned;  I'll always buy local and ensure I'm trying things on before making such an important purchases.   One good thing to come from my buying the Willy J's was I nabbed a pair of Simms boots, which still look new.  For a pair of boots to still look new and outlive a pair of "high end" waders, I find frustrating.  But I also took it as a big plus for Simms' quality.  I own more of their gear than I'd like to admit and will note, it's all performed very well.  From daypacks to jackets and now waders, I'll say, if you're looking for Simms, give Jeremy a call at DuPage Fly Fishing Co. or Andy at Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters.  They'll get you set up right, so you can stay dry.