Photography After Dark

One of my favorite things to do when I'm camping, up at the lake, visiting a buddy's cottage, or pretty much anywhere outside of the 'burbs, is taking photos of the stars.  It's a great time to be outside and the stars and space have always been a huge interest of mine.  

I stumbled in to night photography by accident and it wasn't until messing around with some sparklers that I learned how fun light can be to play with when the shutter's open.  Whether it's the capturing the trails of the stars over time, lighting steel wool and twirling it about, or blurring motion, there are so many great ways to play with light that learning the best ways to grab these moments can be challenging.  

Someone was recently asking me about astrophotography and how to best take shots after dark.  I happened upon a great "How To" article in Outdoor Photographer today and wanted to share.  I found the timing perfect as I missed out on a decent sky this past weekend in Michigan, and the week before to a few too many street lights at camp.  It just proves that no amount of planning can overcome adverse conditions.