National Geographic

I've been pretty clear that I love my job and the companies/people I work with.  I get to see some pretty cool stuff.  But today I found a short video on the guy who may have, what is in my eyes, one of the coolest jobs in the world.  

Being a big DIY guy, professed photography nut, and constant brainstormer and tinkerer, I'd really like to have a shop in my house some day.  I'd love to get a lathe and or a mill to make my own reel seat components and maybe a reel, and be able to turn my own cork.  I'd love some woodworking equipment as I've always wanted to build my own desk and maybe a table or two.  I just like building and love creating.  So when I saw this link from National Geographic, I had to give it a quick watch.  I came to one conclusion - Kenji Yamaguchi, may possibly, have the coolest job ever.