Timekeeping - Photo essay

I'm a huge fan of manufacturing and love seeing companies work on the "nano" and "micro" level.  This means they're working and machining parts that are minute in size and require great precision and care to not only make the part, but then clean and finish it without breaking it.  

Old school watch making is one area that I typically drool over, as the amount of precision craftsmanship that goes in to each is tremendous.  Most of the components are hand built and assembled and it's a painstaking process.  Gear Patrol offers quite a bit of watch porn throughout the year, and they mostly highlight companies and watches I could only dream of.  Fifteen grand for a watch is a bit out of my budget, and even it ever did become tangible, I think I'd probably spend it on Ari T' Hart reels instead.  But even if I can't afford one, it's always cool to see why they're worth every penny.