Winter Fun

With the colder temps and the holidays setting in, the realization that I won't have my feet in a trout stream for at least a couple more months is hitting me hard.  But with the cold temps comes the "off season" if you will.  The time to whip up some flies, get out the rod building equipment, and get everything ready for another year on the water.  

To help any tiers out there DuPage Fly Fishing Co. has been featuring local guides and tying lessons at the shop after hours.  The most recent featured guest is Austin Adduci from Grab Your Fly Charters.  He's a rock star guide and an all around fishy dude.  Just check his hands.  With Austin doing the majority of his guiding in the Midwest and around the Great Lakes, he's teaching some wicked new streamer patterns and other warmwater stuff.  

If you're looking to join in on the fun, drop by DuPage Fly Fishing Co.'s webpage or give Jeremy a call.  

Austin's flies work.  Here's your proof.....