Black Earth Angling Co.

I've had the chance to meet some awesome people through fly fishing at different trade events, chatting on forums, in fly shops, even Flickr.  One of those guys was Kyle Zempel.  I'm far from the first one to discover Kyle, but noticed a few of his photos on Flickr and reached out to him. Turns out he's a super cool dude, outstanding photographer, stellar fishing guide and river buddy and master of the tarp taco.  Shortly after connecting via email he agreed to cast a line with me on the closing weekend of Wisconsin's trout season.  

That day, the first of more than a few we've spent since, will remain with me as one of the best I've seen.  As you can see by the photos below, he had quite the day.  Take note, the brown and rainbow both came from the same hole, only a few minutes apart.  

The reason I bring up Kyle is because he runs Black Earth Angling Co. and guides throughout the Driftless and also works out on the Lower Wisconsin, chasing bass and hopping from island to island.  From what I've been told and the pics I've seen, the fishing can be pretty epic, and anytime you fish in flip flops in breathtaking scenery sounds pretty good to me.  

If you're looking to learn more about Kyle or Black Earth Angling Co. check out their video below and be sure to give their website a visit.