GEOBASS Adventures

It's crazy to think that it's been almost ten years since The Trout Bum Diaries came out.  Ten years of guys like me watching crazy adventures, mixing in some sick fish footage, dreaming and wishing it was them and their group of buddies.  

I had just found Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters and met Andy, John and the guys.  I had just started tying, and was almost a year in to this crazy addiction.  So the downward spiral was just starting.  I found it a crazy idea - fly fishing videos.  Ha, what's so interesting about watching guys fish?  I grabbed a copy and figured it would be at least worth listening to while tying.  From start to finish the movie was great and forever set the bar for fly fishing films.  

Fast forward to today, and I've bumped in to some of them on the river, own their full collection of flicks, and have enjoyed following the growth of Motiv Fishing and the guys that make it tick.  Their newest journey takes them down through Latin America to South America chasing all kinds of bass and follows them as they set out to break a few records and maybe a few rods along the way.  


For more on Motiv Fishing and their adventures, visit their website:  Motiv Fishing