Made in the USA

In my 9-5 day to day world I work in sales, focused on the manufacturing industry.  I get to work with some really cool companies that do their engineering and manufacturing here in the States. Knowing that my fly tying savings are tied to the American manufacturing industry, I try to ensure that I buy from my customers as much as I can.  

As the US economy fights it's way back, more and more Made in the USA tags are showing up on shelves and across the internet.  New products, high quality, unique products, gifts, apparel and soft goods.  The outdoor and fly fishing industries are no different and in a lot of ways, seemingly leading the way.  


One of those companies is Vedavoo.  Scott Hunter is kicking out some sweet packs, made to fit the needs of fly fisherman everywhere.  He started with a sewing machine, busted his a** and a company was born.  Their motto is "Build Better Gear" and it seems they're doing just that.  Props to Scott for making it happen.  Head on over to his shop and give his stuff a look.  The brand name bags are nice, but lack a soul.  Don't get me wrong I've got plenty of the name brand stuff, but this has a story and a name tied to it.  It's worth a few extra bucks to know the sweat that goes in to each product and the guy who stands behind it.  



Another company - Shinola Detroit is using the backdrop of Detroit and all it's automotive history to break through with some awesome American Made products.  From bikes to footballs, desk organizers to varsity jackets.  They're even handbuilding watches and showing how the US can be a player in the watch market.  One of the coolest parts is they bring you in on how the products are made and where the products come from.  American Made is a commitment and not easy.  But it offers a bit of extra pride in both the craftsman and consumer knowing someone took the time to do something by hand, making every one a bit different, but always to the highest standard.  







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