Frontside Fly

It's every's photographer, videographer or artists worst nightmare - losing it all.  Losing all the hard work you've done over many years.  All the photographs you've taken, clips you've shot, movies you've edited, articles written, everything.  

Rolf Nylinder is living that.  Rolf runs Frontside Fly and produces some of the best videos the internet has to offer.  He's been working on a full length project that was due out this fall, and unfortunately he lost it all.  His house was burned and he lost not only his gear, but all his footage, from all his trips - everything.  

In the spirit of the brotherhood of fly fishing, an INDIEGOGO campaign was set up to help him get his gear back and begin to put the pieces of life back together.  

If you're in the giving mood, drop a few bucks and help a guy out.