Birthday Gifts

Getting older isn't always the most fun thing, but sometimes good things can come from birthdays.  It's a day people wish you their best and they always hope you get everything you want.  I don't consider myself very materialistic and tend to have few requests when it's my turn.  This year was a bit different.  After getting the blessing from the Mrs., and running it past my other boss, I reached out to Stuart and Kyle Zempel of Black Earth Anglers.  I worked out the day off, got a couple other guys to play hooky and we were off!  

We didn't tear it up by any means, but had a blast and caught fish on hoppers, nymphs and dries. After a fun day of fishing we hopped back in the Pathfinder, dropped Kyle off, and slid home.  Waiting for me at home, was my outstanding wife with my favorite meal and a cold one - the perfect way to end a special day.