The Town Ninja

RA Beattie is at it again with Simms Films as he follows a local, Tim Yochum, around Bend, Oregon and his passion for chasing trout.  It sounds like this is the first installment of, what is hopefully, at least a few more.  

These are the types of stories that epitomize many of the guys I know.  Reminds me of myself at bit.  Those of us that don't get the chance to live our lives on the water, often spend it locked up in an office, car or truck, a mill, a workshop, or any other place as far from nature as possible.  The guys with a fly rod and box of flies in their back seat, or trunk, ready to go at a moments notice.  The guys who come back from lunch with a bit of mud on their dress shoes because they were chasing bluegill in a neighborhood pond.  These are the guys and gals who really show the drive.  Honestly, I think the Tim Yochum's of the world are more common than not.  


RA Beattie and Beattie Outdoor Productions seek out anglers who live to fish. In their hometown of Bend, Oregon, Timmy Yochum is one who spends as much of his time on the water as possible and reminds us of the drive to fish. Check out the first installment as RA follows Timmy's adventures.