Folsom Custom Skis

There are a handful of websites out there that will often feature how specific products are made.  Whether it be artisinal foods and beverages, small shop manufacturing, or some of our favorite products and brands.  It's always fun to learn how some of our favorite things go from an idea through design and development and in to manufacturing.  

With so many more small custom shops open, the "specialized" marketplace is booming.  As more manufacturers are coming back to the US and setting up shop, there seem to be more and more producers of gear customized to the end user gaining marketshare.  It's fun when these types of companies open their doors and show you why you may spend a bit more, but get something more unique than anything you can buy off the shelf.  

Gear Patrol is one of those sites that's always providing some great content, and the chance to peel away the curtain and get a look behind the scenes.  In this case Folsom Custom Skis shows you how they're breaking the mold of the "off the shelf" ski, and are meeting customer needs at a whole new level.  

Next time you're carving up a mountain, maybe this will give you a bit more appreciation for the equipment that'll make or break your day.