Spring Fishing - Black Earth Angling Co.

As reports roll in for the first few weeks of the Early Season in Wisconsin, it sounds like the warm up has left the banks free of snow and the waters a bit up.  The perfect way to start, what I hope, will shape up to be a great trout fishing season and a great fishing season overall.  

For me, getting back on my feet is becoming more of a reality, as I start to take the twig that's become of my right leg, and get it back in shape.  So as I kick back and enjoy some quality time with the Mrs., I thought I'd share some reports from guys out there and making early season a success.  

Kyle Zempel leads Black Earth Angling Co. and is a not only a great fisherman but also quite the photographer.  I've had the chance to be on the water with him a handful of times and he's knowledgeable and a hell of a fisherman.  He's the only guy I've ever see pull 40+" of trout out of a single run in four casts.  If you're looking for a day out in the Driftless, or a day you'll never forget on the Lower Wisconsin, give him a call.  You won't regret it.  Plus, rumor has it, they may have just picked up a pasture raised Berkshire hog to be incorporated in to shore lunches.  

Until then, I'm counting down the days!