WI Early Season

It's almost here!  

Two more days and Wisconsin opens it's spring creeks to the fly fisherman from around the Midwest.  Come Saturday March 7th at 5am, Wisconsin starts the clock on Early Season, our first chance to chase those golden brown little devils.  With snow covered banks, and trampled brush, it's a chance to cast freely, bound through knee deep snow drifts and reconnect with nature.  Most importantly it's our chance to get off the couch, get away from the vise and back out on the water.  

Sometimes you've gotta work to find open water, but when you do, more often than not, it'll hold a hungry trout, dumb from the winter cold.  

Before you head out for the weekend, be sure to have your boxes stocked full of flies, lines cleaned and ready and equipment prepared for the cold.  Drop by DuPage Fly or Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters  or visit Eric Heckman of Coren's and grab what you need.  If you're in a pinch, hit up the Driftless Angler up in Viroqua this weekend.  

Best of luck to all who venture out and be sure to dress warm!