Licenses 2015 - Do You Have Yours?

It's that time of year again!  With Early season in full effect, the steelhead beginning to make their way in to the tributaries around Lake Michigan and the other Great Lakes, and the warm water fisheries melted and presenting hungry smallmouth, musky and everything else, it's time to stock up on those licenses for the year.  

I've found by buying my licenses online you can save an image of it on your phone.  It saved me a couple of times last year.  It seems the only time I ever forget my license in the car, are the same days I run in to the DNR!  Three for three last year.  Luckily I had the license on my phone and the officers were very understanding.  

Don't be like me!  Make sure you've got an up to date license and have it with you whenever you're on the water.