Plans This Weekend?

Are you headed out this weekend, or trying to figure out the fishing patterns for an upcoming trip?  There's a ton going on in the Midwest now, from warmwater fishing in the local ponds, to the Great Lakes producing colossal smallmouth, and don't forget the trout.  If you're heading out, be sure to visit Jeremy over at DuPage Fly Fishing Co. for a local report and some hot flies.  

If you're traveling up to the great state of Wisconsin to chase trout, be sure to swing on over and see Mat at the Driftless Angler for the local hot flies or check out the report section on his website and tie up a few flies before you head up.  Are you looking for someone to show you around the Driftless, give Kyle a call over at Black Earth Angling Co. and he'll get you on some fish and teach you a ton about the local areas as well.  



To those getting out - best of luck, stay dry, and if you see me, please don't high hole me!