North to Chasing Smallies aka Sancho's last stand

It started out as a possibility of chasing trout, when someone threw out the idea of heading to WI to chase bronze instead.  Everyone hopped on board quickly, and before we knew it, we had a few boats and began developing a plan.  

We'd head north and float a little piece of water known for it's smallies and the possibility of some toothy critters.  We'd heard it would be a popper game, thus the reason Du Page Fly Co. was out of Boogles for a small period of time earlier this summer - I'd swear we bought all they had.  But we also threw in a few streamers and figured it would be better to be prepared and have options.  

We launched Friday morning and headed north, chock full of excited nervousness.  Having checked in with some of the local guides, we had high hopes the bite would be on.  

With perfect temps and beautiful days, Friday and Saturday yielded some great fish on top and a few on streamers as well.  Overall it was a great trip, finding new friends and enjoying the benefits of having buddies with boats.