My Next Adventure?

So I'll be honest - I'm a dreamer.  Dreams get me through the days, weeks and months.  I'm even willing to call some of my dreams goals, as not all are completely out of reach.  But more often than not, I'm trying to reel in my brain and get it back on track.  If only I could get paid for day dreaming.  

I'd love to be able to have unlimited funds and the chance to travel around the US or World and chase as many varieties of fish I can find.  To have my wife alongside as we travelled around spending time in different places enjoying the outdoors would be phenomenal.  

One adventure that is high on my list is getting out West and breaking out the mountain bikes and fly rods and riding our way to some, well off the beaten path, trout streams.  Toss a backpack full of my camping and fishing gear on my back and ride off in to great unknown of the wilderness.  

Outside Magazine recently featured a video of a few buddies who did just this and turned it in to a short film.  We follow Eric Porter, along with Neil and Ian Provo, as they venture out to the Unita Mountains for a few days of fun.  

If you're like me and love to ride and fish, I challenge you to watch this without feeling the tug of the mountains.  I'm ready to pack up my gear and head out.  Slough Creek one of these days, Keith?  


In September 2013, Eric Porter, along with Neil and Ian Provo, set out in search of a grand adventure in their own backyards. In true multi-sport fashion, they grabbed their mountain bikes and headed into the Unita Mountains with fly rods in tow. They completed a loop that brought them in and out of 4 different river valleys where they camped and fished from their bikes.