Tying with Austin - DuPage Fly Fishing Co.

With the first weekend of Wisconsin Early Season in the books, if anyone's like me, reflecting on the success of different patterns from the first two days of fishing is consuming a lot of their time.  Mentally working my way through fly changes, nymphs to streamers to dries to midges.  It's all about what was successful to give us a starting point for next weekend.  

Making mental notes helps me set up a plan for future nights of tying and how I want to fill my boxes for the season.  Throughout the winter I'll fill larger Plano boxes with the standards for the Driftless and Midwest, but during the season, typically fresh ties go right in the fly box, or at the least a friend's box.  So once I have a feeling for what was successful, I'll whip up a few dozen of a few different patterns in different sizes and fill any gaps or add new rows to my fly boxes.  

Depending on the night I'm tying, I'll both by myself, or with a buddy or group of buddies.  Getting together to tie and knock back a few adult beverages is a great way to learn new things, meet new people and fully embrace the fly fishing community.  Locally here in the Chicagoland area there's more than a handful of places to meet up and organized groups that meet anywhere from weekly, to monthly or quarterly.  Locations include fly shops, bars, community colleges and anywhere else BYOB works.  

For those just getting in to tying and looking to learn patterns that help make local guides successful, there's tying classes through Coren's, DuPage Fly Fishing, and Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters.  They offer classes throughout the year and feature patterns targeting all different kinds of species and fisheries.  

I recently had the chance to head up to DuPage Fly Fishing and hang out with the guys when Capt Austin Adduci was there doing a tying class for warm water species here in the Midwest.  

If you're looking to join a group or learn more about tying, check out the links below and don't hesitate to drop us an email if you have any questions.  And keep your eyes peeled for an Introduction to Fly Tying class coming up at Coren's this Spring.  

Upcoming DuPage Fly Fishing Tying Events: these are open tying events from 1pm to 4pm with presentations to follow.  These are great times to learn and get to know some outstanding guides.  

  • March 14th - Grab Your Fly Charters Captain, Austin Adduci
  • March 29th - Anglin Outdoors, Guide Jay Anglin
  • Free open tying nights on March 12th and April 9th.  

Upcoming ChiFly Tying Events: too numerous to list!  From upcoming classes to special presentations, give them a look and be sure to swing by!

Also Thursday night Eric keeps Coren's Rod and Reel open a bit late and there's a group that Stuart leads.  It's organized, with an email list that includes the patterns that will be tied.  It's a free group, with some phenomenal tyers, some beginners and some great personalities.  

If you're located in the city, head on over to Chi-Tie and hang out with the boys over at Galway Bay in Chicago.  Stuart and I are hoping to get out to one of their next gatherings.  Stuart and Eric have ventured out there and said it's a great group of guys, low key with the ability to tie whatever you fancy.  They next meet March 9th around 6:30pm.