Fenway and Jeter's Last Game

Through some hard work and good luck I was given the chance to visit Boston to attend Derek Jeter's last game as a Major Leaguer.  As I was given two tickets, the only person I could think of bringing along was my dad.  We've always talked about taking a trip and visiting some of the iconic ballparks around the country, but as I've gotten older our trips tend to be more about hitting up the golf course or a trout stream.  I love the time we spend together and value every second we get to share no matter what we do or where we go.    

This trip was one that will stand out, not only because we got to watch Jeter's last hit, but also because we had a great time and created memories to talk and laugh about for a lifetime.  We shared some laughs, had some great conversation and got to enjoy a great time and a great city.  

Jeter's last swing of the bat