I'd consider myself a wood boat junky.  I absolutely love seeing how people can apply their skill and craft to take sheets of wood, and planks to create such beautiful boats.  Some guys use nails and glue, others go old school and go the peg route.  Either way it's done, the results are always impressive.  

I dream of having my own wood shop and having the skill to build my own drift boat.  I lack space and the capital, but I dream none the less.  

Cam over at The Fiberglass Manifesto worked the guys over at Croff Craft to highlight some of the step by step that goes in to a drift boat and his work was quite impressive.  It's really more than just a boat, and more of a work of art.  

I recently came across a photo essay from the guys over at Filson and it reignited my dream of spending nights working away, making my own dream a reality.  

For more on wooden boat building, head over to Wooden Boat People.  Be sure to be comfortable and have a few minutes to spend.  You can really lose track of time with some of the projects and photos.