Teton Gravity Research

I'm a huge fan of DIY and building or creating the things I need and want.  Most recently I've fallen head over heels for the idea of having a camping trailer.  Nothing huge, just something that will keep me dry on all these rainy nights I seem to be camping lately.  It's a rough year when over 75% of your camping trips involve rain or some type of precipitation.  And it's seasons like this, that make a man want a bit more than a thin sheet of nylon between himself and the elements.  

Teton Gravity Research recently featured a write up on Dan Gibeau and his wife Brittany, and their tiny house.  Dan, being a cinematographer for TGR, spends a lot of his time in the backcountry and out and about chasing powder.  Add to that the cost of renting or owning a home in a small ski town like Jackson Hole, and it quickly becomes apparent that lodging can present unique challenges.  

Enter the tiny house movement, and the ingenuity of someone with a plan.  Follow along their journey on how and why they built this little treasure.  

If you're looking for more on building your own tiny house, or you're like me and a tear drop trailer makes more sense, check out some of the build projects on the Tear Drops and Tiny Travel Trailers website and forums.  There's some serious builders out there and the stuff they're kicking out is impressive.