Best Gift

If you ever wonder what to do with your old waders, wonder no more. Under my Christmas tree was a messenger bag from Recycled Waders (RW) a company that transforms your old "funky" waders as they call them, into a number of unusual products from wallets to lunch bags. 

These products are made in the USA and according to RW, "...intentionally do not have the latest gadgets, zingers, fold down fly trays, magnets, etc. Instead, our Seattle made wallets, bags and accessories are simple, lightweight, durable, water resistant, and most importantly they are versatile." 

Yes they are and the product is top notch. I normally carry the following items in my coat pockets: phone, camera, second lens, gloves, sunglasses, regular glasses, flash drive, sometimes a portable hard drive, battery and cards for camera, book, pen and or pencil, watch cap, sometimes a field recorder, and yep, I have big pockets on all of my coats. 

So now I have a bag with some history or a story to it. All the stains and blemishes are part of its history. As the folks at RW state: "We capture these unique character marks within our products so that each bag may tell it's own story, maybe to you." 

So I'm going to make up a story about my bag and share it with you, check back soon. 

To learn more about Recycled Waders: 


Stuart Van Dorn