Mixing Hobbies with Work

So I came out of the gates early explaining that I'm like most of you out there.  Up and out the door before 7am, working through lunch, taking calls late, and battling rush hour traffic to get home to give the wife a hug, walk the dog and kick the shoes off.  On good days, I can sneak out over lunch for a bit of fishing, or wet a line with a buddy in the evening.  Maybe even hit a bucket of golf balls here and there.  

But I can honestly say I'm one of the lucky ones.  I love my job, most of the people I get to work with, and the products I sell and support.  To keep a long story short, I sell software and 3D printing hardware to the manufacturing industry.  That fly reel you're holding, there's a good chance my software, SolidWorks CAD tools, was used to design it.  

My day to day job is kind of like living an episode of "How It's Made" or "Modern Marvels".  I get to learn how things work, how the products we use day to day are designed and produced, and believe it or not, a lot of my customers do a ton of fishing.  Lately it seems more and more companies are putting out videos of their processes, and how they go from raw materials to finished products.  The guys over at Florida Fishing Radio swung by Tibor Reels to connect with Ted and talk more about how he came up with his reels.

A customer and good friend of mine happens to be one of the design and development guys over at Bettinardi Golf, and he's gotten the boys over at Abel Reels involved with some of the anodizing of their new project putters.  Recognize any of their finishes?  Also, check out how they take a similar process and turn bar stock in to a finished putter.


If you've got some bucks to spend and happen to enjoy a day on the links, check these out....



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