Not Helping.....

Yeah, it's videos like this that only fuel my desire to get a quadcopter/drone.  Being able to reach new heights, different angles and new perspectives to my video and photography would be huge.  This may not be new to you, but totally worth a second look.  

Seeing videos from YellowstoneFly/PescaPatagonia like this and others demonstrates how the game really does change when you open up new perspectives.  I've watched this a few times and each time it's got me jonesing to be on the water chasing steel and wanting more and more a DJI Phantom 2 or the new Inspire1.  

Aerial footage from winter 2014. I'm finding that non-winter time videos are lit better and easier to shoot. I look forward this summer, waking flies under the drone to large BC risers. Music by Dexter Britain "On My Way Home" Fishermen: Justin Spence, Jared Cady, Matt Klara, Chad Smith Camera/Pilot/Edit: Chad Smith Location: Skeena Country Software: CC 2014 Gear: DJI Phantom 2 with 3D Zenmuse Gimbal, Gopro 3+ Black at 2.7K Medium 30fps Protunes, Camera Raw