Somehow this got missed..... Cozad's 1 Fly 2017

Sometimes, when you overthink things, you get in your own way.

When it comes to my photos, I really do enjoy taking photos as much as I do fishing. Being able to capture that moment of shear joy when a big fish is landed, the beauty of a fall brook or brown trout dressed for the spawn, or the silent moment on the stream - it’s all just as enjoyable for me as landing a fish. So when I’ve got the chance to spend a few days with some buddies, I tend to take a lot of photos. Somehow, this was a weekend to remember, that never made through the editing room.

Here’s the Driftless One Fly that Pete Cozad puts on every year, all the way back to 2017. I wasn’t able to make it here in 2018, but looking back at these photos makes me excited at the hope of taking part again in 2019.