Six months ago someone asked me to do something that is on my bucket list, but would require five to six months of strenuous work to accomplish.  After looking deep down inside myself I opted to pass and put it off until another time.  

What I was asked to do was run the Chicago Marathon with a group from church.  I've always been a runner - cross country and track in junior high and high school, running to stay in shape for hockey in college.  My dad runs, my sister and brother in law, and now my niece is a little runner.  But when considering the amount of time it would require to train, dedication to run through the rain, putting in the long mileage days and speed workouts necessary.  When it came down to it, I just couldn't commit.  

Why am I telling you this?  Well my wife Amy, just rocked the Chicago Marathon, validating a summers worth of hard work and effort.  She awoke at 5am to run on Sundays, ran after work, ran over her lunch hour, never letting her goal get out of reach.  I haven't really given her the credit she deserves and didn't realize it until I saw her reaction to seeing me at mile marker 25. That's where the picture below was taken.  When so many people were about to fall over, she's smiling and waving like, I've done something worth celebrating.  

To Amy, Phil Warman, Lisa Eaton, the guys and gals from Mission Church and all the other Chicago Marathoners, congratulations on your hard work and dedication.  26.2 is a huge feat and we're all proud of you!

Stuart loaned me his tilt shift lens for the day and it was fun to mess around.  The different options it presents from capturing an image are just awesome.  But it can be a bit fickle!