Pile Cast - Fly Pattern

There are a ton of websites out there and blogs to follow but, as with all things, some guys stand out from the crowd.  

Whether it be fly tying patterns or photography, Dave Hosler over at Pile Cast is rocking it.  He's a Midwest guy out of Indiana that spends a lot of time chasing warm water species like musky, smallmouth and northern.  I first noticed his photo work after a trip he took with Austin over at Grab Your Fly Charters, and after checking out his site, it became a must follow for me.  He's a phenomenal fly tier and whips up a wicked popper and lots of other warmwater flies.  

Dave tied up a simple streamer pattern that worked well for me this summer and he was cool with me sharing.  I tied it in a smaller size and it worked well for bluegill all summer and it killed for me up in Sturgeon Bay chasing smallmouth.  

Whether you're looking for a local report or want to keep up with his musky hunts, drop by his site - it'll definitely be worth your time.  

DFL - Step by Step (photo by Dave Hosler)