Driftless Early Season Opening Day

It's crazy to think that it's already Opening Day for the Driftless.  It seems like it was only yesterday we were soaking in the last few weekends of hopper fishing and late summer afternoons.  

The new early season schedule opens a lot more fishing time, but also leaves us vulnerable to the elements.  Traditions of fishing Opening Day have been tested in years past for sure, but this year seems to be ready to set a new bar.  With sub zero temps overnight most of this recent week, and a high of six degrees for Saturday, only the toughest of fisherman will be braving the temps.  

Starting another trout season in freezing temps isn't new, and always brings me back to an early season day with Jonathan Marquardt of Bad Axe Designs, chasing browns on top, nymphs and streamers.  We fought through single digit temps, caught some fish, and enjoyed the start of what was a season to remember.  

To all those braving the temps, you're more hardcore than this author.  Best of luck to all, be safe and stay warm!